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Wallet SDK

The wallet SDK helps to integrate web3 wallet functionality into gaming platforms (like Unity or browser games) or any web3 project. That will allow users to manage their assets in a self-custodial way.

Features like secure authentication or transaction-signing can be easily integrated into a web3 game or app. User will be able to securely store and transfer assets. Additionally, our wallet SDK can be used to enable support for in-game purchases or rewards, increasing opportunities for revenue generation.

Overall, integrating the Liquality wallet SDK enhances the user experience and provides additional functionality for both users and developers.

Get started

The installation of the Liquality wallet SDK can be done with npm or yarn. The integration of the web3 wallet doesn’t need any blockchain knowledge.

Start building

Demo app

Wonder what the wallet SDK is about? Have a look at the demo application, which showcases the SDK, and get some inspiration.

Explore the demo app

Demo app source code