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Collective Wallet SDK

The Collective Wallet SDK is built on top of the Collective Protocol, this protocol provides a foundation for building applications that require collective decision-making and resource management, making it easier for communities to collaborate effectively and transparently in the decentralized ecosystem.

A collective is a new onchain primitive that allows informal groups of people to act together onchain through their own individual wallets. This maintains the flexibility of individual decision making, while still allowing the group to benefit from their collective buying power


Dynamic Group Formation:

Create and manage fluid and flexible collective groups.

Collective Smart Wallets:

Utilize account abstracted smart contracts for managing collective funds with programmable capabilities.

Modular Components:

Incorporate various modules such as governance, conditional memberships, bonding curves, and more.

Ephemeral Pools:

Implement pools for specific projects or goals with a clear lifecycle.

Decentralized Governance:

Facilitate decentralized decision-making within groups with minimal and flexible governance structures.

Integration Friendly:

Designed to be compatible with various DeFi and other blockchain platforms.

What Makes Collectives Different from DAOs

Simplified Governance:

Enjoy the benefits of collective action without the complexity of traditional DAO structures.

Token-Free Operation:

Operate without the need for native tokens, removing barriers to entry and participation.

Focused on Practical Use:

Designed for real-world applications and streamlined group collaboration.

Use Cases

Community Funds:

Enable communities like online forums or social networks to establish wallets for supporting internal projects or initiatives, with member-driven fund allocation.

Online Communities and Forums:

Integrate with platforms like Reddit, Discord, or Telegram to allow community members to manage funds and support community-driven projects collectively.

Group Competitions - PvP -> GvG

  • Investing with friends
  • Collective market making (e.g Uniswap pools for new coin)
  • Running infra with large entry fee (e.g CowSwap solvers, Thorchain bond)
  • DeFi rewards (e.g staking collectives)
  • Honey pots (creator / collector alignment)

Individuals borrowing from experts

  • Funds Influencer / follower pools

Group affiliate programs

Demo app

Wonder what the collective SDK is about? Have a look at the some of our demo and experiment applications, which showcases the SDK.

Clash of Channels

Warpcast's first-ever multiplayer channel game! Active casters from 16 Warpcast channels answer daily questions to win a channel vs. channel knock-out clash. This game utilizes collectives for group tracking and reward distribution.

How are channels able to act together to win?

  • Liquality’s Clash-of-Channels turns every Warpcast channel into a collective, allowing channel members to work together onchain towards a common goal (in this case, win $10k), while still keeping individual flexibility to participate on their own terms. Read more here

Meme Amplifier Machine

Using our learnings from Clash of Channels, where we got ~2,000 casters from 16 FC channels to play as a collective for their channel, we are creating a tool to align your community members’ incentive to spread the meme. Here’s how it works:

  1. Casters input a meme and choose their community on our meme mint frame generator
  2. They cast their mint frame far and wide
  3. Revenue generated from mints is split 50/50 between the caster and the community’s treasury Read more about Meme amplifier here.

Get started

The installation of the Liquality Collective SDK can be done with npm or yarn.

Start building